Stick Thoughts 2021-05-14

Looking back I sort of wish I had opted to buy the wood grand. I understand a little more now why I didn't, though. It was set up pretty perfectly but I really wanted to stick to classic tuning to start which mean that I would have had to change the setup. That would have been a shame, in my opinion, because it really had great action.

So… I have purchased an action gauge that hasn't arrived yet and I will start in on conquering the bass buzz. I'm confident that I can, I just don't know what it will take.

My accuracy is up but still not great. I've been focusing on left hand play enjoying some reggae bass lines. I'm using the pads of my fingers more often and can feel the difference now. What I'm still not great at is using my arm for energy on small intervals. Long fingers and memories of guitar play still make my natural instinct to just use my fingers alone. I eventually feel it in my wrist so I'm working on unlearning that.

I am going to continue focus on bass side play with blues and reggae for a little while but I should also do the thing that most people definitely would have done now and really try to learn some chords. I know maybe 4 shapes right now.